•  Crane sales all makes and models
  •  Used crane sales
  •  Spare part sales for all cranes
  •  PTO, pumps and other transport equipment
  •  Powerline detection systems
  •  Remote control systems
  • Skip Loaders
  • Hook Loaders


Our crane, skip and hook loader installation is completed in-house by our experienced team.

  • Truck mounted cranes all makes and models
  • Skip bin trucks
  • Hook lift trucks
Our installation process starts with making sure that your truck chassis is capable of handling a crane. Once we are satisfied with the truck bed configuration we install the crane then run vigorous operational tests to make sure that the installation meets the highest performance and safety standards.

Crane Servicing

We offer in-house and onsite maintenance, repairs, inspections and certifications. All servicing is carried out to Australian Standards.

  • Annual inspections
  • In house crane servicing all makes and models
  • After hours servicing and repairs
  • On site servicing all makes and models
  • After hours breakdown service
  • Periodic inspections 3, 6, 9 & 12 months
  • Major recertification

Repairs And Fabrication

Crack tests & repairs
General welding & fabrication
Crane fitting and sub frame design